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omg my little brother was using my computer and look at his search history


so embarrassing

"sonic with boobies"

sonic fanfiction

Sexy anime girls with boobs

did anyone read the whole list

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Hi everyone,

Recently seen some gross stuff going around in circles pretty close to me and it’s frankly made me uncomfortable with having a blog with as many followers as this. If you think any of the following are acceptable behaviors, then I ask you to leave because I don’t want my work associated with people who approve of…

  • Casually making jokes or using slur s against people based on their race, sexuality, gender (including trans and nonbinary people), sexual activity, or disability.
  • Encouraging or participating in the harassment of or violence against people based on those same things
  • In any way knowingly promoting sexism, racism, homophobia, cissexism, transphobia, or ableism.
  • Harassing or stalking people
  • Revealing somebody’s private information without permission
  • Threatening to kill somebody or suggesting a person commit suicide
  • Threatening to rape somebody or suggesting a person be raped
  • Using the victims of rape, abuse, depression, or any such thing as the butt of a joke
  • Generally disrespecting victims of serious trauma
  • Being a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and claiming that you won’t touch anything made by a feminist. This one is just plain silly.

This is not a comprehensive list of behavior I don’t approve of, but it is a list of behaviors I see very often and that I genuinely worry a significant number of my readers might be a-okay with. I know this is an uncharacteristically serious post, but the idea that my work could potentially become associated with any of the above views just because I don’t explicitly make clear that they are not welcome is frightening.

Thank you all for being patient

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…and then I drew rarity for unicorn

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…then I drew flutters…

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okay so remember when I reblogged that 30-day-challenge post well that day I drew young mayor mare for earthpony…

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Chroma my baby I don’t draw you enough

I also made a version with her old (very, VERY old) color scheme. It looks pretty cute.

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I could really use some commissions to buy a new tablet but my usual tablet isn’t working properly life is going in circles

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humanizing pones is fun

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ffss drew Chroma as a person

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Okay, I will try

Doin’ this as well ~

It’s been a while since I tried one of these, maybe it’ll help me get out of my stagnation. :3

Reblogging from mod blog because. (Maybe it’ll help me get out of the rut that is slowing work on my one commission and getting back to updating this blog.)

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