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Posted 5 hours ago

Gonna pick my new computer up tomorrow. Of course I still don’t have my harddrive on my old one so I don’t know how I’ll be doing with art until I get that but. Oh well. At least I have something…

Posted 3 days ago

Drew some pirate ponies
New computer in 2-5 days

Posted 1 week ago

Colored in steamquestria fluttershy. Her colors are a bit bright in really life and the quality obviously sucks but I’m hoping to reupload when I get my computer working ( or a new one )
(Egophiliac designed steamquestria and fluttershy belongs to hasbro, obviously)

Posted 1 week ago

WIP Steampunk!Shy from egophiliac's steamquestria.

Robosquirrels don’t like to be out in the rain, but it’s okay, Flutters will protect them! I’m really pleased I remembered this AU, I’ve been wanting to draw something human-pony and human-robot-pony is cool too.

((Meanwhile my computer won’t install the software for my scanner because I don’t have admin privileges so I had to take this picture with my phone))

Posted 1 week ago

I promise you they’re actually more terrifying in real life.

Posted 1 week ago
the11thpony asked

That was my first thought but then luckily she texted me the internet was out so she couldn’t watch it

Posted 1 week ago

Oh no

Posted 4 weeks ago

Cycle of being poor: need money to buy computer, need computer to do commissions, need commissions to get money

Posted 1 month ago


wow ok so! new and improved human pony headcanons!

i added a little watermark bc the trending brony method of “fun” is to recolor pony headcanons white [and racist sometimes] so… [though i dont think i made mine big enough to make much of a difference]

anywho enjoy

Posted 1 month ago


I’m thinking of making a comic as an update? It’ll be in black and white and made in pen. (All my notes for asks are on my computer, in a file somewhere that I can’t access atm)

I’m not sure what to comic about, so I figured I’d ask you all suggestions? Just scenarios you’d like to see with SpiderponyRarity or things like that, try and be open-ended about it, and it’s fine (better, I guess) if it’s vague, ‘cause I’ll just figure out the rest from what i get!

So, suggestions about the minicomic?

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