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Posted 2 days ago

…and then I drew rarity for unicorn

Posted 2 days ago

…then I drew flutters…

Posted 2 days ago

okay so remember when I reblogged that 30-day-challenge post well that day I drew young mayor mare for earthpony…

Posted 3 days ago

Chroma my baby I don’t draw you enough

I also made a version with her old (very, VERY old) color scheme. It looks pretty cute.

Posted 4 days ago

I could really use some commissions to buy a new tablet but my usual tablet isn’t working properly life is going in circles

Posted 1 week ago

humanizing pones is fun

Posted 2 weeks ago

ffss drew Chroma as a person

Posted 2 weeks ago





Okay, I will try

Doin’ this as well ~

It’s been a while since I tried one of these, maybe it’ll help me get out of my stagnation. :3

Reblogging from mod blog because. (Maybe it’ll help me get out of the rut that is slowing work on my one commission and getting back to updating this blog.)

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Posted 3 weeks ago


Nerdy Applejack Custom by ChibiSilverWings

I made the custom for my wife based on this awesome art piece by anottermodthanmany! Their original post is located here. If you like it, give them lots of love!

Wow! This is extremely, super adorable!

I wish I could commission one for myself, but as I can’t, you should all go check out chibisilverwing’s comission info, because they have some really amazing pony customs and pokeponies! <3

Posted 1 month ago

Canceled the stream for today because I couldn’t get the broadcast software to work